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Van Leusden B.V. provides you with tailor made solutions for all your hoisting en lifting applications. From 0,5 ton trolleys to gantry cranes with a SWL up to 100 ton. Our products can be manual, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic driven in combination with friction wheel, rack and pinion or chain drives.

We also provide special treatments such as non corrosive and ATEX specifications. If required or needed all of our products can be certified by classification bureau of your choice. We can also take care of world wide delivery, installation and commissioning. Please challenge us, we are more than happy to take it on!

To know more about Van Leusden articulated trolley specifications, please click here.

Do contact Emmbee for more information if you need to know more about our articulated trolley.  We welcome discussion and challenges on how we can overcome the production challenges at your site.

Articulated trolley - Van Leusden

We can also take care of world wide delivery, installation and commissioning.. Trust Van Leusden to handle your mission.